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The Welcome Post

Hey there new reader! This is the first post ever on More Than Just the Food, so chances are you don’t know too much about me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mary. I am a twenty year-old freelance writer who hails from a teensy farming town in Pennsylvania, U.S. of A., and I am currently recovering from the eating disorder that has shifted into various forms over the past eight years of my life and lurked in the background, incognito, for far longer than that. I haven’t been serious about recovery for all that long, but I am firm in it, and I feel that I am truly ready to take that step and start severing ties with the abusiveness that is ED. This has been a long time coming.

I have known remission here and there over the years. I have tried to fully and actively recover many times, and most of the time, I’ve either relapsed or flopped into a different brand of disordered eating. This time, however, is different. I can feel it in my bones. As difficult as it is to eat three to four full sized meals and drinks with calories every day, I feel a determination that I’ve never experienced before. It came with the realization that body isn’t just a rack for pretty clothes or an impertinent entity that must be punished into submission. My body is a vessel. It has to be strong and healthy to carry me through a full, rich life.


The fact that I need to recover now dawned on me while I was out with my love on a long walk and came close to passing out and was sore to the point of barely being mobile the next day for my wasting muscles. I asked myself: how can I go on long strolls through nature, fangirling at how gorgeous God’s creation is hand-in-hand my boyfriend or go out with friends and explore the downtown region of the quirky college town I just claimed as my new home if my body is too weak to even endure minutes of physical activity? And if I’m dead, which is the only alternative to recovering, how can I expect to be the embarrassing maid-of-honor at my little sister’s wedding or enjoy the fruits of my efforts to “make it” as a writer? If I cease to exist in this realm of existence, there is no do-over—it’s just a permanent game over, and with only two decades worth of life under my belt, I don’t believe that’s what I’m meant to be.

This blog will be a motley assemblage of a variety of things in the light of eating disorder recovery. It will have recipes for cheap, easy meals (most of which requiring nothing more than a few ingredients and a handy-dandy microwave), but there will be so much more to it. I intend to include coping skills that really work; inspiration; fashion tips for when your body is changing in size and shape all the time; workouts that will help you gain muscle and confidence; the perfect songs to put you in the right state of mind for recovery; motivation and inspiration; and thoughts on eating disorders, life, and the Christianity I am happy to call the center of my life. “More than just the food” means many things, but most of all, it means that life itself is more than just the food. When we’re caught up in the middle of an ED, every thought and moment is consumed by the disorder. I am breaking free from it. I am moving past it. And I know, without a doubt in my mind, that I will succeed.

So thanks for reading. I hope that we can become friends and that this will help even just one person in the world. I intend to post at least once a week, possibly more often, so check back soon!

God bless!



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